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Young Adults, I want to remind you that this season doesn't have to be dry, stale, or negative. This could be a season of personal growth in intimacy with the Lord. Sometimes a hard reset like we're having right now can be beneficial for our hearts. My goal is for us as a group to see this week, how we can be pressing deeper into the Lord who is constantly in pursuit of us. Let's not miss what God can show us and teach us in this season! 

We started a one-week devotion series, "7 DAYS IN PSALM 34", going portion by portion through Psalm 34. I would highly encourage you to take the time to watch these short videos and even spend your own personal time immersed in this Psalm. This season is such a unique opportunity to grow in certain areas with our walk with Christ. Psalm 34 holds some incredible truth that can bring life to this gloomy season. 

Everything we are doing as a Young Adults group is found on our Instagram page. Make sure you are following and staying updated with our content. Encourage one of your friends to get connected as well! 

As always, I am praying for the Young Adults & am available for any of you to reach out to me! 

Nathan Vainio Jr. 

Associate Pastor

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