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  • Tabitha Lee


Hello Grace Treehouse Kids and Families,

I am sad that we haven’t been together for several weeks now.  I know your teachers and I have missed every one of you! We miss getting to hug, sing, learn God’s Word and pray together!  Did you know that it is ok to be sad? Even Jesus was sad sometimes. 

Perhaps you are sad today and starting to lose hope? What does God say about hope? What does it mean to have hope?  Is it like saying, “I hope we get to eat ice cream!” or “I hope we can go to the park!”? While yes, we can hope for lots of things good things, God has a much deeper Hope for us! In Romans 5:3-5 tells us we can have a confident hope of salvation, this hope will not disappoint! 

Maybe you hope to go get ice cream, b

ut then your parents change their minds and you don’t get to go. That is hope that leads to disappointment. But Jesus gives us hope that will never disappoint! His promises are sure and true! When we believe on Jesus as Savior He gives us the hope of salvation while here on earth and eternal life with Him forever in heaven!  That is a fantastic hope! God is trustworthy and he has promised us the hope of life with Him! So while we may be a little sad now, we can have hope that God loves us and has a perfect plan for our lives! 

I am praying for each of you! 

Check out the Bible lessons I posted on our website! We hope to see all of you again very soon! Pray and ask God to help you, your family and our world! 

With Love,

Tabitha Lee 

Grace Treehouse Kids Director 

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