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Advent is Upon Us!

Merry Christmas! It is amazing to me that this special day is right around the corner. It feels like yesterday was the 4th of July to me. Somehow this year has flown by and sluggishly dragged on all at once. Time is a fickle feeling, for sure.

For me, when December finally rolled around, I have been more focused on the celebration of Advent than in years past. I was drawn to it by the Lord and have enjoyed studying it, teaching in it with our Young Adults group, and personally soaking in a couple of great Advent devotionals. Hit me up if you want suggestions for devotionals - it's not too late!

Advent means "coming" or "arrival" - it's when we take a measured moment in our calendars to stop and remember that God came for us! His Divine strength was made perfect in the fragility of a human baby arriving on the scene of His cosmic rescue mission for those of us lost in darkness. The vibrant brightness of His coming, the ensuing result of His atonement, and our translation from a kingdom of darkness to light should shock us into worship and awe in this season!

I dare you to take a moment and let it. I challenge you to read Luke 15 this week and slow down in it. Soak in the sweet, sweet strength, diligence, and compassion of Jesus there.

I'm also curious this year: which Advent traditions do you celebrate? Which ones are your favorite? Candles, meals, devotionals, services, themes, songs, whatever! I would love to hear about how you are enjoying Jesus this December.

Oh, and I'd also like to personally invite you to our Christmas Grace service this Wednesday! Jump in to celebrate our Great God with us. Our doors are open, and our digital platforms are ready. How will you be joining us for worship this week?

We can't wait to stand in awe of the brightness of His coming with you this year!


Pastor Doug

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