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Welcome to May, everyone!

It's a strange world out there right now. Plans and boundaries are changing, and schedules are getting destroyed. It seems to be going so slowly, yet evolving so quickly.😱

I just want to offer you a little challenge about something that has not and will not change. 💪That is the word of God.

As we have been going through this together, our online youth lessons have been through the "Beatitudes." You guys have been giving me some GREAT feedback on how these lessons are impacting you! Thank you so much.

I want to simply challenge you this week. Study through Matthew 5:2-12. Stop after each section and think 🤔about how that looks in your life. Then pray🙏 about how you can show Jesus more in that area. Simple! 🙌 

I know this one is short this week, but I don't want to over-complicate this simple challenge of growing in Jesus to reflect the Beatitudes in our lives.

Love y'all! May God guide you through this short exercise. 

Asher Day

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