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Blessed with Technology!

I am so very blessed to be your pastor! God wired me to preach His Word, and I love doing it! 

COVID has been a huge challenge for me. It is so difficult when I can't make that connection with someone in the audience. We are blessed to have our doors open for whoever is healthy and able to be here with us. Still, I have also been blessed by many in our church body using the technology available to stay connected. 

Here are two recent stories: 

"Pastor, that was one of the most powerful and edifying sermons that I have heard in a very long time. I haven't been able to go to church because of my medical, physical condition, but I still keep up with my phone, where I watch the services as they take place. This morning was so powerful and inspiring of the HOLY GHOST that I just had to be among the hundreds that have called you already. Though you haven't seen me, nor heard my amens from within the congregation since the start of the Pandemic, I haven't gone anywhere and don't plan too either. Because I've drunk of the water that Jesus gave me 45 years ago, and it has sprung up in me unto everlasting life since then. We love you, Pastor Bill, GOD bless you and everything that the LORD JESUS puts your heart and hands to." —Hermon Castro

"... it changed my world! Thank you. My Pastor. An answer to prayer at just the right moment. "A word in due season" directly for me. Now all I can think of is listening to hear HIS voice. And being QUICK to follow. God bless you and Cindy and family with strength, peace, and hope in this difficult season. We love you. ♥️"

—Rita Marrow

Messages like this make a cold October Sunday way better! Sure, people couldn't make it because of illness or the weather, but the Gospel was still preached. Brothers and sisters are being edified. God is using me for His glory even when it isn't quite the way I expect it. 

God Bless You!

Pastor Bill 

P.S. Please reply below, and let me know how technology has played a part in your connection with Grace Church. I'd love to hear your story! Love ya!

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