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Christmas Harvest

I love pastoring all of the people in the Panhandle who are part of Grace Church. Still, I also get to pastor people across the country because of Radio by Grace and our internet services! John and his wife Britney live in Wyoming and keep up with our church weekly. John calls himself "StormNinja," and here is a text he sent me about a sermon from a couple weeks ago – I wanted to share it with you.


Good evening Pastor Bill!

Britney & I missed your sermon on Sunday, so we watched it the next day.

Your text message you sent out before Sunday of the painting suddenly made so much sense! I remember seeing it & going, "why is all the farm equipment in the church shed?" Then your sermon & the Holy Spirit showed me the parable there! The rebel hide-my-tractor-in-my-little-tent-away-from-the-Church part of me was like, "God, my heart is aching this moment, so many people need Jesus, & I feel like no one wants Him..."

And the Holy Spirit weighed on my heart, & asked me, "Why aren't you asking Me to help you look up, to open your eyes & heart to see the harvest?"

'Oh, Uhm, hi Father...' *sheepish*

A new prayer & need, that no matter what, Every Seed planted for Jesus MATTERS!

Thank you for leaving your heart open to Jesus & the Holy Spirit's guiding & teaching!

God Bless You, Pastor Bill! & your whole family! Have a Joyful Thanksgiving!

- StormNinja


Pray that we all hit the fields of harvest during this great Christmas Season!

Bless You,

Pastor Bill

P.S. Here is the image StormNinja is talking about. You can hear the sermon "Gourmet Jesus," by clicking the link below.

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