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gods vs. God

Hey Young Adults! For this week I want to share a challenging and convicting devotional!


So how do we apply this in our lives as Young Adults?

It's simple, you need to get rid of the idols in your lives:

  • Anything that you put at the forefront of our lives, run to or serve, chase after, put on a pedestal and hype up, pursue.

  • Sexuality, politics, material items, technology, social status, entertainment, relationships, possession, money, self-image, yourself…

Keep track of how much time you put into these "gods" vs. God. That will show you what your idols are.

This passage is a reminder that on a day to day basis, you need to make the decision to:

  • To follow the Lord wholeheartedly and stay faithful to Him and His word.

  • To diligently serve the Lord and walk in the calling He has for you.

May this passage bless you this week! May God bless you this week!

Love you guys,

Nathan Vainio, Jr.

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