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Grace Upon Grace

Dear Grace Family,


  • A word used to describe the underserved love and free gift of God.

  • Literally, getting what we do not deserve.

  • Forgiveness of sin.

  • Salvation.

  • Relationship with God.

More than that, grace is sustaining power for living the Christian life!

We recognize and appreciate the grace of God when He steps in - you were in the pit, painfully aware of your sin and in need of forgiveness. Jesus rescues you, drawing you up and placing you on a firm foundation.

“We hold that man is never so near grace as when he begins to feel he can do nothing at all.” —Charles Spurgeon

Jesus, in His grace, saved you. That should be enough, but He has given us more.

“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” John 1:16

There is more for the believer, grace so much deeper in its fullness. Grace upon Grace!

  • Grace poured out into the life of a believer.

  • Grace for living the Christian life.

  • Grace for serving.

  • Grace for working.

  • Grace for parenting.

  • Grace for the humble.

  • Grace in the most painful times of life.

  • Faith that His grace is available to you!

We all need grace upon grace! And we have already received it! Walk in that grace.

Perhaps you have been faced with times where grace was not just available but necessary to continue breathing. Times when life seems unbearable, yet God steps in and pours out His grace into your life. Thank Him for that grace.

For me,

  • Grace is a peace.

  • Grace is forgiveness.

  • Grace is new life in Christ.

  • Grace is sanctifying and justifying.

  • Grace is reacting in the Spirit instead of my flesh.

  • Grace is comfort in times of distress and anguish.

  • Grace is poured on me through the washing of God’s Word.

  • Grace is leaning into Jesus, even when it is hard.

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18

May we grow in grace and knowledge as we follow Jesus!

Tabitha Lee

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