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Growing in Jesus' Truth

Hey folks,

I was reading John and came to John 18:37, where Jesus says that He came to earth to testify to the truth. It blew my mind when I remembered that Jesus said He was the truth in John 14:6! Jesus came to testify about Himself to us! 

I just want to encourage you this week to dig into Jesus’s longest recorded sermon. That is the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. As you read through it, take your time. Go real slow. Ask God to open your eyes to what Jesus wants you to learn about Him.

In this current time, I think we can learn much of who Jesus is. I believe God is desiring us to pull into His truth. I pray you grow in Him and have the faith to share what He teaches you to those around you in this season.

May You Be Blessed This Week,

Asher Day

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