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He Restores My Soul

Hey Guys,

A song that has been on my mind lately is one of the new songs we sing together "Psalm 23" by Shane & Shane. Although this year has been full of uncertainty in various ways, it has been so good to see God work in the midst of it all and bring peace to the storm. It can be difficult to express joy and gratitude when the environment around us is dark. This song helps me remember that even though I may not understand what is happening around me, God is sovereign, and He will bring peace to even the darkest of situations. He truly does "restore our soul," and all He asks of us is to dwell in His peace and His presence. I encourage you to trust in the Shepherd. Whatever your trial or circumstance may be, He is with you!

Blessings, Adrianne

Adrianne has been a Leader on our team for two years! You've probably heard her sing in both English and Spanish!

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