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His Work Through Trials


James 1:2 tells us that we should find joy in our trials. 😳 That’s rather hard to swallow.

I don’t know a single person who just loves when nothing is working. That would be crazy!

I think the key through the trials is to remember, it may not look like anything is working, but right now, God is working. 🙌

Sometimes the work is around us. That makes it easier to see. But usually, His greater work is being done in us. 🤯 We don’t always see it in the moment, but in retrospect, it is pretty clear.

I want to encourage you to spend some time in prayerful 🙏 reflection. Pray that God would show you what He has been doing over the past couple of months. Then ask how you can work with His plan.

I truly believe that you will be shocked at the handiwork of our great God. 💪

Miss Y’all,

Asher Day

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