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How's Your Fasting Going?

It's day TWO of the Grace Church Easter Fast! How was day ONE? What did you decide to do? Have you started? Fasting is supposed to be hard, so if you've figured out how to make it comfortable, maybe reevaluate.

When it does get hard, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! This fast is designed for our entire church to be united together for one common goal. We are praying for the salvation of people on Easter!

  • Pray for our building - Right now, electricians are working to have our power turned back on.

  • Pray for invitations: We will be sending out postcards. You should also invite friends and family that need to hear the Gospel message.

  • Pray for the accommodation: Pray that we as a church are ready to accept and welcome everyone who comes through our building's doors.

  • Pray for the Worship: Our worship team will be preparing music and songs that will usher all of our hearts into worship. Pray for their hearts as they practice, and God uses their talents for His glory.

  • Pray for the Children: Our Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry will be preparing to share the Gospel with our kids. Pray that many come to know Jesus and that seeds get planted!

  • Pray for our Pastor: Pray for God to pour into Pastor Bill a message that will grow the kingdom. Pray for peace in his life that will allow him the study time he needs.

But don't stop there! While you have entered into this time of fasting, spend some time praying for things in your life. Thank God for how He has blessed you. Pray for your family, job, friends, and anything else that comes to you. Spend time with God!

Let me know how I can pray for you. I will gladly spend some time in prayer for you. Enjoy this time of fasting and praying, and let's get ready for Easter!



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