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  • Tabitha Lee

Kids say AMAZING Things!

Hello Grace Church!

"Capacity for believing lies more in the child than in the man." C.H. Spurgeon

Why do you suppose this statement is true?

Perhaps you have had the pleasure of speaking with a child who has believed in Jesus Christ as Savior. You soon recognize their faith comes easily and readily. They are full of questions and eager to learn the things of the Lord. "But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14

Jesus made it clear that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children!

I asked a couple of questions to a few of our kids here at Grace Church. Check out their responses! As you read, think about how you or your children would respond to these questions.

  1. What do you like about Grace Church?

"I like listening to the stories and dancing to the music. My favorite song is 'Nothing but the Blood of Jesus." - Kaylee, age 6

"I like the trees that are in the entry area where we get checked in. My class has colorful chairs, and I like my teacher. I like Jesus." Katelynn, Age 4

"Most kids can understand what the teachers are saying, and it's really fun!" Terra, age 10

"I like singing and dancing!" Austin, age 5

"It's fun! I love Grace because I get to learn about God and learn memory verses." Mason, age 9

"I like Treehouse!" Amy, age 4

"I love Jesus! I love to go to the building of Jesus and learn." Nehemiah, age 5

"There's lots of nice people there. I like the teachers. They have a fun way of teaching the kids. I like how friendly Grace Church is." Carmindy, age 10

  1. What did you learn this week at church?

"I learned that I know how to say my memory verse. It is, 'The Lord will hear when I call unto Him." Brody, age 4

"I learned about King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. I learned not to covet something that's not yours, it's against the 10 Commandments." Carmindy, age 10

"Jezebel was an evil queen, and she asked a servant to find two people to lie a lot and find the guy who owned the vineyard (Naboth) that King Ahab wanted." Tristan, age 7

"I learned a whale swallowed Jonah, but he prayed, and the whale threw up." Austin, age 5

"(This week in church I learned) about this evil king, that he was sinning and coveting and he was wanting it (the vineyard). That's why coveting and pouting is a sin. And the man said, "No!" you cannot have my vineyard. Naha!" Keira, age 6

"I learned about Jonah. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, but instead, he "goed" to "I don't remember". He got on a boat, and then God got a big, scary storm. Then the sailors were so scared, and then they just threw stuff off the boat, even their food! Even their money! Even their beds! Then the captain saw Jonah asleep and said, "how are you asleep right now? Pray to your God." Then they threw Jonah off the boat. God sent a whale to save him. We don't know what it is, so I'm going to just call it a big fish, but it was big enough that it wouldn't have to chew. He prayed in the tummy of the whale. It was like rotting fish and was very stinky in there. It was just swimming around, and God told him to go to Nineveh. God told Jonah to tell the people he saw their sin. Then Jonah went to Nineveh. Next week we do Nehemiah." Katelynn, age 4

"I learned to be content with what I have." Mason, age 10

These are just a few of our amazing kids here at Grace! I hope these sweet kids put a smile on your face! We get to teach our boys and girls the truth from God's Word and show them the love of Jesus each week! Pray for our Teachers and tell them, "thank you!" Take time to read God's Word with your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews! They are listening. The Lord will speak to them through the power of His Word!

With Love and Grace,

Tabitha Lee

Treehouse Kids Director

P.S. How would you or your children answer these questions? Please reply and let us know. We want to know how God is working in your family.

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