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Let's Eat!

Isn’t it amazing how important food is to our faith! From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is always talking about food! Most of the Jewish festivals revolved around eating. Jesus fed the 5,000. He fed the 4,000. He used food to illustrate His body and blood and how we remember the resurrection with communion.

It’s only natural that churches have events that revolve around food too! COVID robbed us of that blessing, but this week we are very excited to bring back the Grace Family Meal! What a great time to sit and eat together once a month.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to join your church family as we sit and talk over some great food. Use the time to get to know someone new, or share your stories and experiences with other friends.

It’s only $3 per person for a full meal, and we are going to have it each month on the 4th Wednesday at 6 pm. Come hungry - hungry for the food, but also hungry for the Word we can consume together at 7 pm.

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