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Our Wall Needs Workers

A few weeks before Easter, I charged you with being a “worker on the wall” in a Wednesday message called “Wall to Wall Workers.” Grace Church is growing, and our Children’s Ministry is busting at the seams! We needed to prepare for Easter and we needed to continue to prepare for the future growth of our church! Our Church Body answered in tremendous ways! People stepped up not only to help in our Treehouse Kids ministry but in other areas as well!

The mission statement for Grace Church is “Making Disciples Verse by Verse”. That mission does not stop in the sanctuary with my sermons. The children are learning and being discipled. Grace Youth is being discipled. Our women, men, senior adults, people online, people sitting in our coffee shop, someone watching on YouTube in their living room, a trucker driving down I-40 listening to Radio by Grace. All of these people need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, AND THEN they need to be discipled!

As you know, Grace Church does not have official membership, but the people of Grace Church are “taking care of a gate on the wall.” You could help build the “Grace Youth Gate.” You can work on the “Treehouse Gate,” You can work on the “Grace Video Team Gate” or the “Coffee Shop Gate.”

The hard work of our volunteers pays off. Recently, the Treehouse Kids volunteers had a meeting, and this meaningful moment was shared:

My daughter is six years old and she has been attending Grace Church since she was a toddler. Part of our nightly routine is that we do Bible studies before bed. The other night I asked her a question and OH, MAN! Her answer was in the Spirit of Truth! She went on and on about God's omnipresence and omnipotence - using those exact words! She said there is nothing she can hide from God, even her thoughts! She was describing God as infinite and sovereign. She sounded like a theologian, and she was so excited about the Truth! I am grateful for Treehouse! Amen!

What an incredible blessing!

If you are ready to step out and join us in our mission, please sign up for our next volunteer class on May 8th at 9:00 am in Room 102. Click the link below to get signed up for this next step.

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me, and also of the king’s words that he had spoken to me. So they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’ Then they set their hands to the good work” —Nehemiah 2:18

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