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Praying for Pastor Bill and his family in the Snowstorm!

Most of you know about the massive winter storm that hit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Around 279,000 customers in Virginia and 27,000 in Maryland were without power this morning.

You may not be aware that Pastor Bill and Cindy are currently visiting family in Virginia, and they are stuck there for the time being. They are in a home with no power and a water well that runs off of electricity, and they are melting snow for water. Downed trees have blocked the roads, making them impassible. They can hear neighbors out with chainsaws, hoping to get out and to somewhere they can stay with heat and water by the end of the day.

This is the message from Pastor Bill:


God is good.

No one is sick or injured where we are.

We are in a difficult situation.

No power.

No water.

Almost out of firewood.

No way in or out. Hundreds of trees down.

I hiked 1/2 mile through snow and fallen trees to main road…

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is covered up with fallen trees.

We are stranded at this point in time.

I’m afraid that we are not on a priority list for power or accessibility.

Pray for power to come on.

Pray that we can stay warm.

Pray that we can get to a safe place soon.


Be praying for the people of this area, our Pastor, and his family. We will keep you updated.

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