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Seeds of Love

I want to take some time to look at 1st John 4:7-8. It simply tells us to love one another. If we show this pure Godly love, we are of God and know Him. If we cannot, we have no clue who He is. Then the best cherry on top "God is love."

Right now, we are in a culture that needs love. Not acceptance of sin, but the truth of God's love shared in love with those around us. I see many relatively quiet folks picking up arms right now with those around them, trying to prove their points. Evangelizing the wrongs or rights done to or by different groups of people.

I want to challenge that thinking. We, more than ever before, need to guard our hearts, thoughts, and words. We need to be evangelizing what He has done. See, the only thing with the power to heal us as a culture is the power of Jesus's love. He loved us so much that He came for us to be able to live through Him. He did this not because of our perfection, but because of our brokenness and need for pure love. He is that love.

This week, when you are tempted to rant among friends or post to social media, I challenge you to send out a message of Jesus's love instead. We, as Christians, hold the answer right now to what our society needs.

Let Us Sow Seeds of Love,


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