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Services OPEN Sunday, March 21

On Saturday, March 13th, our city experienced some severe thunderstorms. As a

result, the power equipment on our property that transfers electricity into our church building was damaged beyond repair. Our building was de-energized, and we were forced into a last-minute rush to conduct an online-only service that Sunday morning. We are so grateful for everyone’s engagement, the volunteers who helped us spread the word, and the people looking out for our church’s safety through that unique situation.

Since that event, we have been working hard to restore power to our building safely. Today, we are still without power, and it looks like we will be without it for a little while longer. Repairing the damaged equipment requires the expertise and approval of an electrical engineer, the city of Amarillo, the power company, and a contractor to make it happen. All of these elements are now in place, and we are hopeful to have power fully restored in the coming days. Everyone involved in each of those categories has been so gracious to us, and we can truly see God’s hand of provision to get us back up and running soon in a complicated story. His hand is all over this situation!

We want to keep you informed about where we are at with this repair and what its impact will be for a little while:

  • We will be conducting our usual services going forward beginning this Sunday with limited power and lighting via generators.

  • Our Treehouse Children’s Ministry will be limited to infants through 4-year-olds until we can restore power to their full space.

  • Our Youth Ministry will be joining the adults in the Sanctuary for services beginning this Sunday until power is restored.

  • The Church Office will remain closed until power is restored. If you need to reach us, please email us at or message us via social media platforms.

  • We will keep you updated as things develop!

We are bringing in lights and generators this weekend so that we can provide a unique service experience to anybody who would like to come and worship with us. We will also be powering our equipment to stream these services online.

Please be in prayer with us as we thank the Lord in all things, trust Him for provision, wait patiently for repairs, and actively do all we can to gather and worship together in our building and online. We believe firmly that He is in control and is looking out for our good and His Kingdom’s growth in this situation. What an honor we have to walk through it together with you all!

We love you and can’t wait to see you at church this week!

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