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Social Distancing Outreach

The great commission is not put on pause just because our social gatherings are. There are still plenty of opportunities for you and your family to love your community in a time like this! It would be sad to miss out on the opportunity we have as Christians to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ. So here are a few social distancing outreach ideas for you and your family this week

  1. Phone a friend. Ask them how they're doing in light of everything going on. Ask them if you can pray for them, & then actually pray for them there on the phone!

  2. Go on a prayer run/walk. Take the time to get your blood pumping and spend it with the Lord! Pray for your neighborhood, pray for your family, and pray for the government!

  3. Send a devotional to a few people in your life who you mentor/disciple. If you don't have someone you do that with yet, use this as an opportunity to start ministering to someone younger in the faith!


Nathan Vainio, Jr.

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