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Stay Salty

I hope you guys are doing good today.

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus says that we, as Christians, are the salt of the earth. Salt is a fantastic mineral 😍 that enhances flavor, preserves, and tenderizes. Out of all the spices, God could have called us to be, it was this.

God wants to use you and me as a believer to enhance people's lives. With life, we all get caught in the mundane, the hardships, or the fleeting successes. A life with Christ gives life that enhanced purpose to all that happens in it. We can bring people to the hope that is in Jesus. 🙌

God wants to use us to bring preservation to this world! We are ambassadors for Christ and are representing His preserving power with everything we say or do. Through your saltiness, Jesus can pour His eternal preservation/salvation into people's lives. ✝ This begins to transform their hearts to His.

God wants to transform hearts from being hardened in sin to being tender in His love. We can be His instrument in this through the way we love and forgive. Forgiveness is the key to being able to love. Love is the key to having a tender heart for those trapped in this world's lies.

You are the Lord's chosen salt shaker! 🧂 Stay salty!

Asher Day

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