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Today and That Day!

Martin Luther famously said, “There are two days in my calendar, this day and that Day.”

If you were to look at the calendar app that I use to try being organized and stay on top of the many demands of life, you would see multiple colors, headers, deadlines, meetings, and too little margin. Between marriage, kids, ministry, school, and the unexpected - the days are flying by. Time is an unsympathetic thing.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in the future - God has wired me to think ahead and to anticipate. Like the character Guy from the Croods movies, “Tomorrow” has a powerful draw on my mind and lifestyle (Sorry folks, I have kids who love movies, so the references come too easy). Unfortunately, the danger in that potential strength is the possibility of losing sight of today for the sake of what may never come to pass. It’s a never-ending balancing act in my mind to keep things in their proper perspective. I’m sure some of you can relate.

The season of life and ministry I am in has me thinking more and more about “that Day.” When we stand with Jesus, healed, whole, and teetering excitedly on the precipice of what He has planned next.

Paul said to “set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth” in Philippians 2. That “setting” is a discipline of the will, exercised in our minds, which will make or break us today. The fruit of this discipline changes everything. We don’t grieve the same way as when we had no hope; we don’t settle or sin the same way when we were lost. We look more like a light in the face of darkness and hope in the face of pain and despair.

So let’s allow it to be that simple today. Focus on the two most important days on our calendar - today and that Day. I love you, family.

Humbly, Doug

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