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White as Snow

I am not a winter person. I prefer the heat of the summer. I love getting in my car on a hot summer day and waiting to turn on the air until I can't stand it anymore!

One thing I do like about winter is snow. I think that it just brings out the kid in me! I love playing in the snow, making snowmen, snow angels, skiing, sledding... you get the picture. My favorite thing to do when the snow is right is make snow ice cream. My momma used to make it for my siblings and me, and now I make it for my kids.

Snow is also beautiful, and nothing is as white as freshly fallen snow. The Bible uses this analogy a lot. One place, in particular, is Isaiah 1:18:

"Come now, and let us reason together,"

Says the Lord,

"Though your sins are like scarlet,

They shall be as white as snow;

Though they are red like crimson,

They shall be as wool."

Isaiah was a prophet that God inspired to point out all of the Israelites' sins and lead them to repentance. In this passage, he switches from pointing out the things they had done to the loving-kindness of God. Through sacrifice, they would be cleansed of all of their wrongdoing.

But that offer didn't end with the Israelites. God offers us His loving-kindness and forgiveness too! If we place our faith in the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we will live forever with Him!

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9

Better than snowmen, skiing, and even snow ice cream, snow reminds me of how God cleansed my sins! Enjoy the snow! I'd love to hear about your adventures and thoughts too!



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