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Youth: YouTube, Camp, and Your Leaders

Hey youthlings! I just want to let you know that we miss each and every one of you! Please, feel free to text or call me or your small group leaders any time. A short list for y’all: 1. If you haven’t yet, check out our youth schedule on the website and smash that subscribe button on our Grace Youth Youtube! 2. Our youth camp is officially canceled for this year... 😢 All camp payments will refund after the quarantine lifts. We will be assessing the possibility of a fall weekend retreat! 🙌 3. If you are not getting the weekly text from your small group leader, THEY MISS YOU. Text me your name, grade, and gender so I can get your contact to your leader. 806.676.9882 I love each of you. We will get through this! ⛪️💪

Asher Day,

Youth Pastor

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