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SERVICE TIMES: 8, 9:30 & 11AM

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It’s an all-church fast! But what does that mean? Essentially it means we are going to intentionally focus our hearts on God and his movement for Easter this year. Find something that you can say no to for 12 days. Something meaningful enough to cause you to seek the Lord and draw closer to Him! Here are a few ideas:


Partial Fast: No food or drink during specific times of the day or days of the week. You could not eat from midnight to noon, or 6 am -3 pm, maybe no food every other day. 


Complete Fast: No food, liquid only. Water or optional light juices.


Soul Fast: It doesn’t necessarily have to be about eating. Refocus a specific area of your life - for example, Fast from Social Media or Television


Selective Fast: Remove certain elements from your diet. Things that you normally wouldn’t do without. For example, Sugar, bread, or meat. 


As you eliminate these parts of your life, remember to pray. Pray for your heart to be open. Pray that God reveals to you someone in your life that should come to church with you. Pray that the Gospel penetrates the hearts of the people in our services. It is our desire to Make Disciples, Verse by Verse, and that starts surrendering everything to Him! 

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