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The Word of God is what drives Grace Church, and it should drive you too. 

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. - Psalm 119:105

Pastor Bill reads through the word Daily with the One Year Bible, and you can be on the same page too, but there are so many options for you to be in God's Word daily. 

Physical Bibles

Do you need pages in your hand? Do you want to read your daily Bible in the same Bible you use for studying? That's great! Your Bible is a very personal thing. Pick it up and start reading. Use a reading plan, or you can also purchase a One Year Bible®. or a Chronological Bible from our Book store or any Christian bookstore. Here are a few ideas for traditional readers: 

One Year Bible.jpg
One Year Bible Reflections.jpg
One Year Bible Kids.jpg
One Year Bible Expressions.jpg

These books are available in our Bookstore or any bookstore where Christian books and Bibles are sold.

20230101-Read the Word-Apps.png

Digital apps and sites

Maybe you aren't an avid reader, but you are always on your cell phone, tablet or computer. There are reading plans for you too.

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