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Guidelines for Use of Facilities 

  • Requests for use of any and all facilities of Grace Church must be made online, using the form within the links on this page, a minimum of one month before the date needed.  This includes the use of any part of church property, including the building, and parking lot.

  • Keep in mind that ministry takes priority.

  • Activities that conflict with the doctrinal and/or moral position of the church will not be permitted.

  • No smoking, illegal substances, or alcohol will be permitted.

  • With adult supervision children are to be confined to the approved area of use, and are not allowed to run free.

  • Use of facility is at one’s own risk.

  • Set-up for an activity is the responsibility of those requesting the use of the facility. Equipment and furnishings must be returned to their proper places. If necessary the Facilities Manager may be used to help with this process.

  • NO ONE may use the equipment in the sound room or church office unless authorized and/or supervised. ALL equipment requires approval.

  • The area used must be left clean and in good condition - with all trash and clutter removed, lights turned off, and doors locked.

  • Use of the Main Kitchen requires contact with a Kitchen coordinator. Contact person will be provided with approval for building use.

  • Accidents affecting persons or property must be reported immediately to the church office.

  • Weddings will not use rice, birdseed, bubbles or confetti inside the church building.

  • Remuneration must be paid to the church office at least 30 days before the event.

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