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Good Medicine 💊

Hey Everyone!

This has been a pretty crazy last week for me. Our little Obadiah was diagnosed with epilepsy for those of you who didn't hear the news. It was some of the hardest news I have received in my whole life. I was dragging the bottom. While we were in Cooks Hospital, I was tired. I had bottomed out emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I was hurting, sad, angry, confused, overwhelmed... One night, in particular, I just wanted to find a dark corner of the hospital, so I could fall down and cry. I had too much. Then the hospital shift brought in two nurses, Sarah and Sarah. They came to do their tasks of caring for my son, but their hearts were obviously not about the tasks. They were about showing him love and making sure he was ok. Proverbs 17:22 says that a joyful heart is good medicine. They, through their love, brought joy into that dark room that night. They took time to play with Obadiah, to talk to him, to just show love beyond the tasks at hand. Because of this love, I was encouraged and was finally able to sleep. You may not ever realize what people are going through or what demons are at play in their heads. By simply bringing joy through the love of Christ, you may be rescuing people without even realizing it. I want to encourage you to this week go out of your way to show those around you God's love. The way you do your daily tasks could be the medicine someone needs to make it through the day. Love you guys, Asher Day

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