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Something New

Hey everyone!

I just had a phenomenal week doing youth camp! It was amazing seeing all God did.😎

The section of scripture we looked at is in Exodus 14. This is a section I have read a million times since I was little. What more could I possibly get out of the Red Sea crossing? Then God blew my flip flops off! 😅God was able to teach me many fresh things through this chapter as I prepared the lessons.

So often, I fall into the trap of knowing a section of scripture. I breeze through it. God has depths on depths of newness for us, though! When I can actually trust Him and ask Him to open fresh 👀 in me, it is amazing what He can do.

I want to encourage you this week. As you go through your quiet time in God’s word, start by asking Him to show you something new. I believe you will be amazed.

Love Y’all,


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