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God of the Airwaves and Internet!

This past week I received a letter that absolutely blew me away and made me grateful all over again for the gift of Radio and the ability for our services to be shared online. It is amazing to see how the Lord blesses His Word and grows His people and His church! Here is the letter I received from my new friend Aly in Alabama:

Pastor Bill,

I discovered your sermons on 101.1 FM radio in early October 2020. A dear friend had suddenly passed with leukemia, and remembering her – she did not listen to mainstream radio – only Christian. It was at a time that I, too, was ready to tune out the garbage. The Implanted Word plays nearly the entire drive to work and as I listened to you go through the Book of Luke verse by verse, each day – I began to experience something I had never experienced before. I was now looking forward to my morning drive to hear your sermon. So much so, I even downloaded the app and dove into Hebrews in the evenings!

From your sermons on the Book of Hebrews, I discovered something important; despite having my salvation, I needed to grow in my faith. I have spent the last several years as a baby in my faith. That sermon lit a new fire in me and an eagerness to grow and become a devoted daughter and servant to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your work and messages sparked the change that was needed, welcomed, and deeply appreciated by me. Finally, understanding what was expected of me past the point of salvation was made clear, and I find myself running toward it daily.

Soon after, my mother began to see something growing and changing in me. We started to talk more about faith and what I was experiencing with this journey. For the first time, I shared with her the story of my salvation, and my mother shared hers. From there, I discovered she had never had her own Bible and also had never really read one. At Christmas, we both got new ones and also a “52-week study book” each and jumped in. Two of my coworkers started asking me questions, and now each of them are following in the daily reading plan as well. Meanwhile, a client of mine found out about my journey, and she invited me to a small Bible study and fellowship for women. She said she had wanted to for years. Yet another client asked for your app information and has begun listening to your podcasts with his wife. There are more, and it is truly incredible to ask daily to serve the kingdom of God and see things catching fire around me.

I’ve said all of that to say “Thank you!” The work you are doing and your gift is so appreciated. Though I may never have the pleasure to meet you and shake your hand – you are my Pastor.

After reading this amazing letter, all I can say is Amen!

God is so good.

I am blessed.

If God has ministered to you with His Word via Radio or watching Grace Church online – I would love to hear how He is speaking to you! Please comment and share some of the details!

I Love You Guys,

Pastor Bill

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