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The Little Things

I’ve been thinking lately about little things. This is interesting because I recently read about one of the biggest things that happened for the Church, i.e., Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus and the massive implications of that for all of us in Acts chapter 9. This is an event that has impacted all of our lives directly for the Kingdom since Paul became an author of scripture.

It’s a big story, but it was a simple little detail of the situation that struck me this time reading it. After being blinded, rebuked, healed, and baptized - it says: “and taking food, he was strengthened.”

Paul’s mind, body, and spirit had been through a lot the past few days. But a simple meal - maybe bread, fish, lamb, I don’t know - was used by God to strengthen him.

Most of us want to be a part of the big things God is doing. But Jesus made it clear that we should have big eyes for the little things. We are called to be servants and cupbearers in this Kingdom. And so someone gets to knead the dough, carve the meat, catch the fish, season the dish, or press the oil that strengthens a man that God was doing big things in. It was a little thing in a big story. A detail God made sure was included and preserved for us to see it.

I want to have bigger eyes for little things that allow me to be a part of what God is doing long before I am even aware of it. That way, He gets all of the honor and attention, and I can have the undeserved privilege of participation.

I’d be curious to hear what kinds of ideas for little things God reveals for you to see and do today. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Comment or text me at 806-316-7679

The more ideas we have, the better!



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